A unique Indian story.

Told 7 ways, by 7 artists, and YOU

Saptan Stories is a 7 week long collaborative arts event;

a mass game of consequences written and voted on by all of India.

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Announcing Winners

The winning line has been announced and has been written by

Caroline Fiona Stedman

"Before I could utter an answer, my heart made the choice. How she heard its silent cry, I do not know. The lake opened and a chasm appeared. I was sucked into a whirlpool of water, light and chaos. "

Runners up:

Maria Tomy Panackal - "Yes, I am". I replied without another thought. She came closer to me like a ghost. My vision blurred. A cold breeze froze my heart. She absorbed into me. We became one.


Nina Fernandez - "Fear not, for what you have to gain surpasses any loss", she continued. I felt somehow warmed by her words. From the depths of the river, two bright spheres of golden liquid arose. "Choose wisely".

Yukti Todi - "It was as though I was dreaming with my eyes wide open. In the dark, from the water, rose a giant tide lit up by golden light. It rushed towards the shore and broke into a flock of thousand birds!"


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