A unique Indian story.

Told 7 ways, by 7 artists, and YOU

Saptan Stories was a creative collaboration between Aardman & British Council

aiming to inspire creative writing, thinking, and participation across India.

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Thank you to everybody who took part in Saptan Stories to help us write a truly unique and beautiful story.

Over the seven weeks we’ve seen some incredible lines, each one offering its own unique twist on events, where all manner of beings from ‘willowy water creatures’ to a ‘flock of a thousand birds’, ‘charred pirate ships’ and ‘ethereal visions’, all came up for the vote.

Not to mention, our artists who have risen to the challenge to interpret each week’s line resulting in 49 stunning illustrations which we encourage you to enjoy on the artist pages.

Particular thanks go to our winners and runners-up over the 7 weeks:

Week Two

Siddhant Nagrath
Ashwanth Gnanavelu
Ambalika Bhat

Week Three

Ayan Pal
Georgina Scott–Picton
Yukti Todi

Week Four

Caroline Fiona Stedman
Nina Fernandez
Tomy Panackal

Week Five

Zachary Borthwick
Jithin Kairamkonda
Sharmeishtha Singh

Week Six

Ayan Pal
Benjamin Meek
Aarti Shyamsunder

Week Seven

Jasmine Kaur
Abhishek Dey
Tanya Pinto


We hope you enjoyed Saptan Stories and this creative collaboration between Aardman and the British Council to celebrate the cultural heritage of the UK and India.

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